Via Corso: Manufacturer of man & children garments

Via Corso, S.L. was founded in 1988. Despite the huge experience in the young men's wear market, it is still a company which tries to satisfy, with all their products, an demanding and young public. To reach all our goals, we have built up a big team giving importance to the human quality, the harmony and dynamism.

Via Corso is in permanent evolution, in terms of design and technology with the objective to satisfy an every day more professional and competitive market. Our strengths to achieve this objectives, are the quality standards, the price and a quick response to the new trends.

Because of this, our three brands Seaport, Tempo and UBS.2 are not static and they offer the product that our public need at the moment they want it.

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Wholesale manufacturer child garments - UBS2


Wholesale manufacturer man garments - Tempo


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